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Oct. 31st, 2007 @ 03:17 pm Crunch (Van Leeuwenhoek Univeristy, house arrest)
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Title: Crunch
Author: Claudia
Fandom: Van Leeuwenhoek University
Characters: Francisco Fonseca
Prompt: House arrest

It was night when Francisco’s grandfather dropped him off in front of his house, so he couldn’t see the color of his yard, but as the grass crunched beneath his sneakers he knew it to be yellow. Instinctively he cringed at the sound. When he allowed the grass to dry out even the slightest bit, it always meant trouble. Having been away from home for the past ten weeks, he couldn’t reasonably be faulted for the current state of the yard, but his father had never been a reasonable man. At the very best Francisco would be given the responsibility of bringing the grass back to life. At the very worst…. Well. He was just going to have to hope for the best. Reaching the front door, he pulled his key from his pocket and tried to keep his hand steady as he slid it into the lock. He paused for a moment, hand on the key in the lock, to take a deep breath before letting himself in.
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