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Jan. 7th, 2008 @ 11:06 pm Mistletoe Man (Van Leeuwenhoek University, below zero)
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Title:Mistletoe Man
Author: Claudia
Fandom: WDWHOA?
Characters: Roy Reynolds, Evan Fitzpatrick, Louis Moreau, and Hayden Wolf
Prompt: Below Zero

Sighing with annoyance as his phone call went to voice mail, Evan hung up his cell phone and redialed his best friend’s number. He wasn’t the only impatient occupant of the black Hummer he was sitting in, but as Roy was his friend, Evan would be partly to blame if Roy made them late to the Christmas party, and so he was the most impatient of all. Roy never did answer his phone, instead getting the point that his ride was outside and coming out of his apartment when he was ready. As usual he was sharply dressed with his hair perfectly styled and his grin perfectly charming. The only thing unusual about him was the mistletoe hanging from his belt buckle. Catching sight of it, Evan put a hand over his face and muttered some Japanese swearwords he had picked up from watching anime.

“Excuse me you guys,” he said to the two occupants of the Hummer. In the front passenger seat, Louis grinned, knowing what was coming.

“Take your time,” he said. In the driver’s seat, Hayden checked the clock in the dash.

“But not too much time,” he put in.

“I’ll just be a minute,” Evan assured before stepping out of the car. Louis watched almost with glee as Evan met Roy and greeted him by way of a smack on the head. He shot a few Japanese insults at Roy and then smacked him again. Roy removed the mistletoe from his belt buckle and a few moments later the two climbed into the car.

“Here, Lou,” Roy said, tossing the mistletoe at him. “Unlike me, you probably actually need this to get any action.”

Before Louis could make a scathing remark back, Hayden spoke.

“What does mistletoe have to do with kissing, anyway?” he asked, pulling out onto the road.

“Well, there’s a Germanic legend about-” Louis began, but he was cut off by Roy.

“It’s because of the Mistletoe Man,” Roy said. Louis rolled his eyes.

“Mistletoe man? And who exactly is this mistletoe man, pray tell?”

“Well, the Mistletoe Man lived a long time ago in Russia. But he wasn’t the Mistletoe Man then. Back then he was just Aleksei, and Aleksei loved a girl, as men are apt to do. Her name was Irina. He and Irina had a fairly pleasant relationship, the biggest problem being that they were often separated by Aleksei’s work. He was a messenger. One winter, right around Christmas, Aleksei had to deliver a very important message to a very important government official. He promised her he’d be back in time to give her a kiss for the holidays. Irina pinned some mistletoe to his jacket to remind him of his promise. Fate, however, was against the couple, and Aleksei was caught in a snowstorm. He found refuge in a cave, but he was stuck for several days, going through his entire food supply. Finally he became so hungry that he ate the only thing he had left: the mistletoe from Irina. Now, mistletoe is poisonous, but at that point he didn’t care. He just wanted something in his stomach. It didn’t kill him. That would have been too kind. Instead pointed leaves and red, round berries started sprouting out all over his body.

“When he finally got out of the cave he hurried home as fast as he could, more concerned with seeing Irina than he was with seeing about his condition. The problem was that when Irina say Aleksei she was horrified. She drove him away, saying that no one could ever love such a thing. Heartbroken and alone, Aleksei wandered aimlessly though the snowy night. Still weak from hunger and cold he collapsed to the ground. Meanwhile, Irina was beginning to regret her actions. Sure, he was a hideous plant man, but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t her Aleksei. She put on her coat and boots and set out to find him, but by the time she did it was already too late. He was already breathing his last breaths. With tears in her eyes she begged him for forgiveness, told him that she loved him, and gave him the strongest, most passionate and heartfelt kiss a woman had ever given a man. The story of the Mistletoe man spread, and soon mistletoe became a reminder of the fleetingness of love and life. From then on, anyone catching a love interest standing under the mistletoe knew that they may never get another chance to express their love and did so with a kiss.”

“You know,” Louis said after a moment. “For being pulled out of your ass, that was pretty good.”

“I did not pull it out of my ass,” Roy defended.

“Yeah,” Evan put in. “He wrote it for a school assignment in the tenth grade.” Roy gave him a glare, but Evan only grinned.

“Wait,” Hayden said, confused. “You mean that wasn’t the real story?”

“No,” Louis confirmed. “Like I was saying, the Germanic gods-” Roy pushed his seat.

“Shut up, Lou. Nobody cares.”
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