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Jan. 29th, 2008 @ 11:01 pm La Chinita (Van Leeuwenhoek University, multicultural)
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Title: La Chinita
Author: Claudia
Fandom: Van Leeuwenhoek University
Characters: Francisco Fonseca
Prompt: Multicultural

Francisco had something of a fascination with Asian languages. Not with learning them, but with listening to them. There was Vietnamese, which seemed to Paco to have very few consonants, Japanese, which had sort of a Spanish feel to it, and many others that he still hadn’t learned to recognize. The one he marveled at the most, though was Chinese, but he was almost sure that it was partly due to who was speaking it.

There was a girl, fourteen years old, like him, in Francisco’s PE class. She spent a majority of the time chatting with her friends, but that was fine with Paco who was not one for sports and who really just wanted to hear her talk. He was amazed by how different her voice sounded when speaking Chinese as opposed to English. It sounded coarser, but more animated. Certainly more interesting. He was awed by the ease with which she spoke, not once pausing to translate, probably thinking the language, something Francisco always wished he could do. That way he might not hesitate and stumble over conjugations. Were there conjugations in Chinese? No, wait, Mandarin. Cantonese? He wondered which dialect she used and if it would be rude to ask. Then he wondered why he cared about being rude.

A few feet away from him was his answer. Pretty, with a girlish face, but already becoming a young woman. And speaking Chinese. It was stupid, he thought. What would a fourteen year old do with a girlfriend? He couldn’t take her anywhere. Besides, he wasn’t going to be done with school and be ready to be married until he was around twenty-six. What good would it do him to start dating now?

He never talked to her, not even to ask her to pass him a ball. He was sure he’d say something stupid and would rather say nothing at all. Besides, for now he was quite content with listening to her talk, especially when she used Chinese.
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